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Choosing the right floor for your business.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Franchises, Supermarkets, and More

Providing businesses like China King, Carpet Flooring, Omni Hotel and Payless Shoe Source with our services.

Join BFI Business Partners
Join our client partners to include China King, Omni Lobby, Payless Shoe Source & Great Custom Homes
Appointment & Design
BFI Consultation, Determine Business needs in Flooring * Kitchen * Bath * Balcony * Stairways
Materials to Renovation/New Builds
Quality Materials Options to choose, and continued Construction process thru Completion
Communication & Connection
Staying in touch with the status of your project to maintain deadline management.

Some Previous BFI Clients

Commercial Work by BFI

Commercial Grade Carpet

Omni Lobby

Mattern & Fitzgerald Custom Homes

Blanco Nursing Home

Robert Allison Homes

Payless Downtown San Antonio

Payless 35 at 1604

"Beautiful design made simple with BFI Floors "

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Custom Builds. Standard Methods.

We work with premium flooring sources and selections.  Offering commercial and industry grade options for the small or large projects your business needs.